Steam Sauna

Happy New Year 2013!!

When Scott and his sister get together, they love to make celebration plans for the upcoming holiday . . . or what they believe to be a holiday.

This creative idea was for our Winter Solstice Celebration on December 21st, the shortest day of the year.

The idea of an outdoor Steam Sauna was decided on. I had envisioned a simple basic wood frame with tarps. But in typical Scott Block fashion, I was very wrong! 

The finished product, made from left-over wood, was an enclosed 6’ x 4’ structure complete with a roof, Tyvek house wrap on the outside, 6 mil poly on the inside, seating for 5 people, and a tarp door. While the chosen rocks were heating on a nearby fire, a 2‘ hole was dug. Candles were lit, the lavender sticks and eucalyptus branches were ready.

When everyone had found a seat, the hot rocks were brought from the fire and put into the hole, water was slowly poured over the rocks and the steaming began . . . and there was an abundance of steam!!

The lavender and eucalyptus aroma was amazing when they were added to the rocks, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Okay, not quite by everyone - I personally do not like small spaces with little breathing room, so I held the tarp door shut from the outside to keep in the steam which everyone was very thankful for, especially me!!

Even during the first use of the Steam Sauna there are already upgrades planned for next time.